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Something They Call Myth creates music steeped in melancholy, drawing on memories and conversations between friends for inspiration.

The project began when New Zealand-born Malaysian, Clarissa returned to Auckland after a sojourn in South Korea, joining German-born Canadian, Lea whose search for adventure brought her to New Zealand upon finishing her studies in Architecture. While they draw from a vast range of experiences, their music is deeply rooted in the New Zealand landscape and the songwriting collaboration blossomed on a road trip of the South Island.
Something They Call Myth’s multi-layered, atmospheric indie sound is influenced by indie-folk/pop styles, and artists such as Bon Iver, The Japanese House, Sufjan Stevens, Great Lake Swimmers, Mumford and Sons, Dustin Tebutt, & Fleetwood Mac.
“The music of Something They Call Myth is characterized by its melancholy undertones. Their new single, Cobwebs, opens with soothing guitar work that creates a unique atmosphere. The vocals are balanced and focused, perfectly accompanying the instrumental. Adding meaning to music through lyrics gives it depth.”
“It is melancholy but comforting. I think every music listener will resonate with the softness of this story and stunning melody.”